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Many thanks to the lovely people as Praksis and Save the Children for organising our kindergarten concert and getting us access. We enjoyed performing for the kids, who were really engaged, seemed happy and all wanted to have a go on our instruments afterwards. It was like a beautiful island of relative serenity in a sea of containers and nylon tents pitched against mesh fences topped with rolls of razor wire in the blistering heat. It was gut wrenching to walk through this scene, seeing people massed against a fence with police of the other side on the way in, and hundreds of people queuing for lunch on the way out. I met some of the women from Kara Tepe near the gate, who’d walked there for an appointment at the office, one of many to find out what and when the next stage of their journies might be. We gave them a lift back. The cells and triple razor wire fences create an aggressive prison like atmosphere. It is not surprising that there is more violence and social tension here, especially given the overcrowding and living conditions of the three thousand strong population. There are also the communication difficulties, given the many languages , mainly Dari, Urdu, Farsi and Arabic, and the cultural differences, some of which will hopefully be resolved by Ramadan celebrations.

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