Julia Katarina, performed at Symbiosis Festival with her colleague, violinist Les Levidow






Julia took an active part in shaping our first ‘Thriving Together’ event on 31st October 2015 to help refugees, asylum seekers and local people build social bridges in South Devon and maintain resilience. Her skills in singing and playing the oud as well as her gentleness and warmth have invited everyone to come together into a place where they all felt safe and connected beyond any differences. All had contributed to the success of the day and applying our vision in supporting and integrating refugees and asylum seekers in South Devon. We have already asked her to come to our next event and we’ll be honoured to have as many times as she can afford to offer”

Saif Ali, founder of Embracing Refugees & Co-founder of Beyond Borders Totnes & District 

Below are two quotes from participants who joined that event and listened to the music:

“The laughter that I heard as I came into the space told me everything about how safe and  connected the group had become in a very short space of time. Julia’s music was so beautiful and allowed a unity and expression to be voiced. That was rich beyond belief and I am still feeding from sound. We were blessed truly. It was a day of cultural richness, generosity and true hope that comes from the human desire to live, and beyond surviving, thrive.”

Emma Brown

“My favorite part of the day was the music and sharing songs together. That touched me the most.”

Shanni Ong



Julia and Liz have worked together with refugees and locals in Devon, at events organised by Embracing Refugees