Our History

This is where the idea ‘Music With Refugees’ was started by Julia Katarina.

Making Music, Building Bridges.

This is where the idea ‘Music With Refugees’ started: At a Red Cross run temporary refugee camp in Witten, Germany.


“This is where the idea started, in a Red Cross run temporary refugee camp in Witten, Germany. In the summer of 2015 with my colleagues Ruth Leber and Tobias Bülow. We gave a concert at the Christopherus Hof on the 6th of January 2016 with Tarek Thabet on qanun. Over 200 people showed up, half of them refugees, and they sang with us and gave us a loud, wild standing ovation. we’ll be returning there next month without new colleague, Hesham Hamra on oud before our Greek Odyssey”

Julia Katarina  ~ Founder 

‘Music With Refugees’ was formed with the basis of making music with & giving ِArabic songs & mixed program concerts for refugee communities in England, Germany & Greece to make them feel understood, valued & welcome.


People we work with:

Julia Katarina ~ Voice, oud & cello ~ UK

Ahmad Makhzoum ~ Voice ~ UK

Abathar Kmash ~ Oud ~ Germany

Abdurrazaqq Schwarz ~ Sax, guitar, percussion ~ Germany

Floriane Dardard ~ Cello ~ France

Hesham Hamra ~ Oud ~ Germany

Lama Khayer ~ Voice ~ UK

Laurence Trille ~ Percussion ~ Brazil

Les Levidow ~ Violin ~ UK

Liz Meadows ~ Guitar, voice ~ UK

Lucile Belliveau ~ Double bass ~ Germany

Mahmod Sabri ~ Voice, harmonium ~ Germany/Pakistan

Rasoul Moshar ~ Voice, oud, percussion ~ UK

Ribar Mousa Sulaiman ~ Saz ~ UK

Ruth Leber ~ Piano & voice ~ Germany

Saif Ali ~ Voice – UK

Saskia Venegas ~ Violin ~ Holland

Shadi Hlal ~ Viola ~ Germany

Sherwan Jack Qasm ~ Oud, voice ~ UK

Tarek Thabet ~ Kanun, oud ~ Germany

Tobias Bülow ~ Flutes & percussion ~ Germany


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