Fragments of a Journey

Fragments of a Journey

Fragments of a Journey



An informal showing of two pieces of work in progress, both performed by refugees and others, on the theme of displacement and how to come to terms with who you are without your home influences.

Part 1 – Safar: Journey

Project Manager: Serena Spadoni
Artistic Director and Choreography: Sylvia Ferreira
Musical Director: Julia Katarina

Safar is the result of a dance project led by Hawiyya Dance Co. that aims to bring women together, by creating a safe and secure women-only space. The women differ in backgrounds and have the opportunity to learn dabke, feel empowered, socialise and have fun.

The group of women, accompanied by musicians from Music with Refugees on stage, will perform a dabke dance that will be a celebration of the resilience and resistance of refugee women. The performance explores movement as a tool of expression for both individual and cultural identity, while reflecting on the concepts of journey and womanhood.

Hawiyya Dance Co. explore identity, culture and resistance through dance.

Music with Refugees give concerts and workshops within refugee communities in the England, Germany, Greece, Lebanon and Palestine.

Part 2 Fragments

Devised through workshops run by Single Homeless Project in collaboration with theatre-maker Mo’min Swaitat, with support from Shubbak Festival, Fragments draws on music and movement rooted in participants’ home cultures, as well as impressions of London and the chaotic beginnings of resettlement. The show focuses on the journey from dystopia to the unknown, depicting the shattering and reintegration of cultures, memories, time and space, as experienced through the body in motion.

Mo’min Swaitat is a Palestinian actor, writer and director who has trained at the Freedom Theatre, Jenin and LISPA, in London and Berlin. He has collaborated with acclaimed directors such as Thomas Ostermeier (Schaubühne Theatre) and Rufus Norris (The National Theatre), as well as writing and directing several solo and ensemble pieces in Palestine and abroad.

Fragments rehearses as part of a residency with New Diorama Theatre.


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