'Music Bridging Cultures'

Workshops and concerts with and for refugees in England and Germany, specialising in Arabic songs and German Lieder accompanied by Eastern and Western instruments.

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Many people feel isolated and lost, having left their war-torn homelands and often their families, and made incredible journeys to places of refuge. Hearing their own musical traditions makes people, who may not have heard it since they fled for their lives, feel met, welcomed and more at home. It is difficult to rationalise why it has such a powerful, positive effect on people, without going into the psychology behind ‘critical period’ music and our emotional attachment to it, but it really is extraordinary how people respond. It brings joy to lives full of sorrow and suffering, and to members of the local community who witness that. We would like to give regular concerts for refugees in Germany, offering mixed programs of Arabic and German artsong, with some Kurdish music. I work with local and refugee musicians to try to offer something for everyone and give opportunities to displaced musicians, many of whom are without their instruments, to get back into performing in order to continue this much needed work within their communities.

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UnityMusicموسيقىتوحيد introductory video. An introduction to the international work of Music with Refugees by its founder, mezzo-soprano, cello and oud player Julia Ana Katarina, shot at The Christian Community, Forest Row by Diego Barraza and Clive Martin, produced by SaGuarda Studios Ltd

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Music Bridging Cultures